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The institutionalized nature of Catholicism’s rampant felony activity reveals the true nature of not merely Pope John Paul II, and also the entire Vatican bureaucracy that supports and encourages people with pedophilic persuasions into its priesthood and then systematically and knowingly conceals their felonies when the true motives of many clergymen are publicly exposed. The upcoming launch of the tremendous selection of incriminating documents may expose a central Vatican magic formula about Pope John Paul II and assist the situation at this time in the Worldwide Criminal Courtroom while in the Hague to try Pope Benedict XVI and three cardinals for ‘crimes towards humanity’.

This New Testament came to be known as the Bordeaux Testament, and it caused this type of commotion in Protestant international locations that when Catholics heard of their Pope’s deceptiveness, they rose up in unison from him, and tried to ruin your entire print-run. Loaded carts coming within the printers had been seized by offended mobs and burnt from the roadside.

Including to your Church’s on-likely fraud of its presentation on the story of Jesus Christ, we learn the way the Vatican accepted the fictitious resurrection narratives during the Gospel of Mark into its dogma and manufactured it The idea of Christianity. Permit the ‘Catholic Encyclopedia‘ bear the clerical witness:

The children received a complete of six visitations from an 'entity' they called 'twelve or thirteen several years of age … Attractive, shining similar to the Sunlight' that arrived from your sky within a 'world of sunshine' and spoke to them in a very series of uncommon discourses. Reverend General Vicar of Leiria, one of several eyewitnesses, extra the Woman arrived in an 'aero-aircraft of sunshine, an immense globe, traveling westwards, at average velocity.

As he walked past a foundry where workers had been creating a mould to Solid bronze statues of your Virgin Mary, Nostradamus nonchalantly commented which they ended up ‘generating devils with the devil’, which was taken as being a blatant affront for the Catholic Church.

About 442, Pope Leo The nice (440-461) devised a rare money-creating scheme that was destined to have profound repercussions on the development of Christianity for centuries to come. The document of discover this info here this enterprising connivance is located in the two the extant writings of Pope Leo and Salvianus (d.

After a covert bugging Procedure requested through the Vatican magistracy, the investigating cardinals uncovered far more than they bargained for, Which info was recorded within the dossier that allegedly affected Pope Benedict XVI to resign. Italy’s ‘La Repubblica’, a large circulation typical-fascination newspaper, noted that on December 17, 2012, the investigators handed the pontiff two purple-leather bound volumes, Practically three hundred webpages long, containing ‘a precise map from the mischief and the lousy fish’ inside the Holy See.

The bishop concluded: ‘This story about the entire world coming to an stop is simply drivel. I’m not in the least bit apprehensive, my diary’s total right up until next year; if we die it’ll be God’s will’.

Once the Demise of Pope John XIX in 1032, the papacy remained underneath the Charge of the Tusculani relatives until that they had the things they viewed as a ‘acceptable son’ to triumph him, and with revolting cynicism, they set ahead a boy aged twelve-years to the papal throne. He was Grottaferrata Theofilatto (Theophylact, in a few data), and in Oct 1032 his family members gained the murderous scramble for that wealth from the papacy. The chroniclers on the day condition that the clergy and nobles were being heavily bribed to elect the boy, and then assisted at the solemn farce of his consecration.

In advance of he resigned, Benedict still left a solution report for Francis over the scandal, during which delicate documents alleging corruption and conflict around the bank’s administration had been stolen with the pope’s desk and leaked by his butler.

Pope John Paul II went to his grave refusing to fulfill with victims of Church sex crimes and by no means voiced any apologies or regrets concerning his priesthood’s sexual abuse of minors or maybe the Church of Rome’s premeditated deal with-ups of hundreds of A large number of offenses. His stubborn refusals to demand the resignation of cardinals and bishops who aided, abetted, and suppressed the crimes are testimony to his callous indifference to victims.

It absolutely was this Preliminary manipulation of a picture that didn't correspond to actuality that the public was presented with, and it is actually evident that the Holy See purposely misrepresented the reality to endow Pope John Paul II by using a false feeling of virtuosity. This deception anxious numerous observers, which include David Yallop, who said:

Just about every Tarot Card possesses a pictogram and a title that represents a specific Idea, and ‘The Tower’ symbolizes upheaval, destruction, chaos, unexpected modify, and revelation. ‘The Tower’ also signifies ambitions built on Fake premises, As well as in Tarot Card symbology, the lightning bolt on this card represents a crack-down in present forms so that you can make room For brand new ones.

4. The brand new Pope ought to continue on to conceal The reality that the Vatican created a Phony history for itself, and the Gospels are not collections of biographical facts about Jesus Christ, but un-historic priesthood fabrications. He should also maintain the Vatican’s bitter hostility toward its past remaining exposed, rather than go right here enter right into a discussion concerning the erudite Dr.

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